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Photo Trips

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Acouple of weeks ago, I finally got around to heading to the Kennedy Space Center. The weather was a little iffy, but it looked good enough to take a chance. It turned out to be a very nice day. It started raining a bit at around one o'clock, but by then I was done with everything I wanted to see. I was pretty much walked out and ready to head home anyway. So, everything worked out fine. I have posted pictures in the image gallery. This weekend, I headed over to the Brevard Zoo. I managed to get there right after it opened, and and managed to see everything by noon. The weather is getting warmer, but there was a nice breeze in the shade and overall it was quite comfortable. It is a nice zoo, and I particularly like the wonderful tropical birds that they have. Pictures from the zoo have also been added to the image gallery.

Pinewood Derby Unleashed!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Melbourne Makerspace just had its first Pinewood Derby Unleashed. It was billed as "no rules, just racing", but for a race without rules there seemed to be a lot of rules :-) You had to use all the components of a standard pinewood derby kit, no pyrotechnics were allowed, you had to stay on the track and you had to cross the finish line in your own lane. We had some pretty interesting entries: a rolling (and crashing) disk drive, several cars with motors, one with a pretty powerful fan (it burned up on its final race), another that was designed specifically to run backwards up the track, and the usual assortment of basic pinewood derby cars. Still pictures from the race are in the gallery here. A couple of videos are posted below:

Video 1 Video 2

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